Hi Garnet,
I have been meaning to write you with a status update. 
We are enjoying Audi very much. He is very smart, and very affectionate. 
I have taken him for a couple of training sessions with Rita Valiquette at Dogs North. She is very impressed with Audi, he is an enthusiastic learner. He is very eager to please, and his attention span is excellent. 
Audi is getting along well with our older dog (Deuce). Audi has been growing like a weed, and is now bigger than Deuce. He is still respectful of the older dog, he has always been submissive with Deuce. 
We do need to do more work on socializing, especially in public settings. Unfortunately I got very sick at Christmas time and ended up in the hospital and having surgery. I had about a six-week recovery, so that was a setback in Audi's training time. I'm fully recovered now and the weather is improving so we are getting out a lot more often. 
Our vet was very pleased with Audi (and with your care) when he had his first checkup and final shots at the end of November - no problems with worms, good weight and condition, etc.
I will not consider getting him neutered until he is about 14 months - if we do decide to have it done, the vet has suggested he will x-ray to check his hips at that time while he is anaesthetized. 
Here is a recent picture of Audi with Deuce. (hard to catch them both with their ears up at the same time).

  Anne Bostelaar
Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Hi there - I thought you might like an update on Audi.
He has matured into a wonderful dog. He was neutered at 14 months. He is very obedient and affectionate, and loves children.
Audi is still very eager to please, and he loves to work. When I work with him, his attention is riveted to me, he has amazing concentration!
I wanted to let you know we are still very happy with Audi.
Sincerely, Anne B.
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